Dinner @ London

So, funny story, since we had lunch late and we were super full, when we headed back home to drop off our shopping and supposedly wanting to head back out for dinner. We said we would wait a bit, as I started watching my show - James started to fall asleep, so I let him nap. I got a bit carried away watching my shows as the addict I am - although, it was partly bcus I knew James was tired - I did wake him up a few times to ask if he was ready to go but I let me sleep anyway. It's was 8.30, then 9, then 10. That's when we realised we was no longer leaving the house.

So, I just made a quick light dinner as it was late and yeah - that was probably the first time we just didn't eat when we decided to do so in the first place. 

Oh and I ended up making soup noodles after too - what? We hungry people!

Information below:

Chicken & galic kieve
- with side salad and avacado

And walkers crips
- lamb & mint + cheese & chive

Made by Jessica 

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