Marineland - Santa Susanna, Spain - Day 3

Today we planned to go to this water park called Marineland - it cost €27 each, with free travel. We got picked up in front of the hotel at 10am and dropped back up at 5pm.

Once you first walk in, you get a picture taken in front of a backdrop with the sign and a live parrot on your shoulder. I was not expecting it but it was fun. There was also a lady walking around with a huge snake, if you also wanted to take a picture with it. 

Since we got there early, I think even the first people there - James & I managed to to on every water ride there and without having to wait for too long or without waiting at all. Some of the rides we were able to go together, with the two people float things they provide you with. 

We even recorded some of the water rides on my GroPro, so hopefully if there good footage, I will be posting a video soon. 

After all the water rides were done, there was a pool with sun beds around it, at the time there was only 2 other people there. Once we got in, we realised we were the only two left. It was amazing. It felt like it was all for us, we stayed there for a bit, took lots of pictures of course and again, recorded more under water footage. 

As well as the water park, it was also a somewhat zoo, there were parrots, sea lions, Dolphins etc. 

There are two shows throughout the day for each of the animals I've listed above and they are so worth watching!

James & I actually didn't watch the parrot show, due to the fact we accidentally napped by the pool (the sun was that great) but we managed to watch the sea lions and dolphin show before we had to leave. It was amazing to watch, so beautiful. I didn't take any pictures of the dolphins but I did take a video, I may post that up too. 

Oh, and as our hotel is all inclusive, our hotel even provided us with a packed lunch - sandwiches, water and fruit - of course as the foodies we are, we did buy some chips there too (pretty expensive to be honest)

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