Lunch @ Santa Susanna Resort, Spain - Day 5

Who does James thinks he is making me look like a fatter cow than I am already, eating salad and I'm there with my meat and chips (with a bit of salad) um let me add that he did get another plate of proper food after - so haha

You can't go wrong with a bit of steak and chips - oh and James and I were eating like pig this whole week, you think we just have the one plate? Naaaah we made most of that food! Tried everything! I swear that man picking up the plates from the tables must have hated us!

After lunch we went straight back to the beach, obviously had to top up the tan I already had! 

So, here's a little background story before I move on to the next subject - for the past week while eve been at the beach, you know you have those people selling sunglasses and clothes, even offering massages - it was annoy that someone every two minutes will come up to you but you know, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive. 

Anyway, so while we were at the beach today - James offered to massage me, so yeah yeah, good stuff, than all of a sudden I feel like a different feel to the massage, evidently not him obviously (no offence haha)

So, then I was like fuck it, just do it. And ugh, it was amazing! €5 for a back massage for 10 minutes - why not and it was damn well worth it! James had one as well after. Mm good stuff! I could do with another. 

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