Coffee @ Second Cup, Portobello Road

James & I had the most laziest morning, to be fair, we deserved a lie in! We got up at like 1:45pm. 

Last night James arrived at 9:28pm and from there, we went straight to a friends house (well she's my cousins cousin?) it was her house warming type party - it wasn't far from where we already was, but it was hard to find, and it was so long, my cousin came to pick us up and everything - we didn't end up getting auntie the place until like 10:30. 

Vibes and drinks flowing, before you know it - it was past last train times and my cousin had been drinking - there was no way of going home. Drama happened - not with James & I but, long story short, we got an Uber home at 4am.

Today is my dad's birthday. So, before heading over to see him at my grandmas (to eat food) we decided to go out for a quick coffee and something light - while writing in my dads card. 

Prices & information below:

Large coffee
Price: £2 each

Details TBC
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