Last Sunset @ Santa Susanna, Spain - Day 6

After dinner, we obviously did the usual - we got some drinks - unlimited alcohol yas! We've drank everyday since we've been here - heck we're on holiday! I turned James into an alcoholic haha

I saw the sunset from inside and it was a must to sit outside and enjoy it since it was our last night.

Our flight is at 6 something in the morning, so we had to check out and leave the hotel at 2:50am to get to the hotel 2 hours before the flight. It was a real mission to stay awake, we did take a nap though :D

We obviously had to play our last game of pool. 

Side note: James won on Tuesday night. We did plan to play on our anniversary but we came too late!

Okay, so no surprise here but I won. Like duh. Hahahaha let me have my moment okay because I never used to win when we played in Sheffield! 
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