Ice cream @ Tossa De Mar, Costa Brava - Day 6

Ice cream by the beach? Oh yeah! James and I have been banging on about having ice cream in this hot weather - okay so fair enough I had some sort of ice cream before but you know, having ice cream like this. Yes.

James got strawberry and whenever I get the chance, of course I'm going to get pistachio mmmmm I love it so much!? Someone tell me where I can find good pistachio ice cream in London! 

We walked back to the beach and ate it there. We still had a while until the next boat back, so we laid down and.. accidentally fell asleep. 

I woke up in complete shock thinking we missed the last boat but we didn't. We just ended moving closer to the spot we needed to be. 

4:30 and I was not a happy bunny, being woken up and to be honest the sun was giving me a headache. I felt sick, so it didn't help that we had to sit at the bottom of the boat and I just felt ugh. I slept though it all, although I did wake up a few times. Poor James. 

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