Florence + the Machine @ Apple Festival, Roundhouse

Firstly, let me express the excitement of winning these tickets - I NEVER WIN ANYTHING! To be honest, I didn't really know who she was, okay, let me explain a little bit.. 

I am not exactly a super music person, I like music, but I don't have a particular type I like, if it sounds nice or fits in with my mood - so be it. I will never know the names of songs, let alone who the artist is. So yeah, that's me basically.

For the record though, I did know about 3 of her songs - okay, I knew the chorus of them :D

Anyway, other than Ed Sheeran, I haven't been to any one else or been to any type of music festival - nothing like that and since James and I are such opposite people, he is. So who better to experience with the person you love, doing what he loves.

Oh and James Bay was meant to opening act for her, but sadly, he fell sick with the flu. Sad times! But hopefully he gets better on time because we're going to see HIM NEXT, ON FRIDAY!

Although, I didn't know much songs, I really did enjoy myself! I get why people go, especially if it's to see someone you love and know their songs!

It is definitely an experience!
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