Dual bike @ Santa Susanna, Spain - Day 5

In the end, we found something to do and it was actually fun, first time going on this side by side dual bike thing, and it was pretty cheap - €5 for both of us for half an hour. 

To be fair, there wasn't much places we could go without having to ring the bell every second for people to move. James was the main driver and he just rebelled against me and went on the pavement, even when I told him not to sigh (only one side can stir, the other one is fake haha)

We were glad to just had half an hour, we could have done an hour for €10 but it's tiring you know!

Although, half the time I didn't do anything mwahahhaha I'm a spoilt brat when it comes to James, but he loves me anyway!

It was still too early to go back for lunch, so we window shopped for souvenirs and planned to come back after lunc to buy them. 

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