Dinner @ Santa Susanna Resort, Spain - Day 6

Our last dinner in Spain! I was actually happy with it - James got steak and chips and I got cannoli, broccoli and chips. 

Funny story, James went to get us drinks and I went up to get broccoli (before the chips) and some random lady gave me a proud speech about eating my vegetables and how my mama would be proud of me. Haha I was confused but actually made me feel gassed - then I waited for her to leave to get my chips mwahahhaha 

Of course I had to do one last evening change. I actually bought two of these dress - this red one and a white one. I never got wear them on our holiday - my dress change for our anniversary didn't happen and since it was the last night - it was a must. 

Side note: James & I had taken this picture (above) in front of the lift and a lift selfie, every single day since we got there! 

And, I'm proud of my tan :D

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