Desert @ Magnum, Covent Garden

With a busy few days ahead, James and I decided to go out to eat before it all begins, it wasn't intentional that we went to Covent Garden, but since it was coming up to our anniversary and our first date we had was in Covent Garden, it was a cute coincidence.

Oh and of course, we couldn't go to Covent Garden and not see the exhibition of a thousand balloons..

We got there quite late, we hadn't exactly decided where we was going to eat - we just knew it had to be somewhere we hadn't been there before. Then we found the Magnum place - by the time we got there it was already 9 and it was closing at 10, and there was a long line already for it, so if we went to go eat our main meal first, we wouldn't have made it back on time, so desert came first! 

Prices & information below:

There are 4 steps - 
Choose your 3 toppings
Choose your ice cream flavour
Choose your ice cream coat
Choose your flavour drizzle

And enjoy :)
Price: £4.50
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