Santa Susanna Beach, Costa Brava - Day 1

Once we arrived at the hotel, we checked-in, had a shower, changed and unpacked - well James did, I like to keep my clothes in my luggage, don't ask why. 

We had an all inclusive package - breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, along with unlimited drinks (2 at a time).  Lunch was already over by that time, but we was able to get snacks (chips, hotdogs and toasties) by the pool bar outside. 

Once we was ready, we decided to go explore, there was a cute mini train/bus that comes right outside our hotel, which takes us into town/beach side for free, every half an hour, give or take.

We walked around and ended up by the beach, self timer is great for when no one is around to take the picture for you haha

Since we didn't eat much, we wanted to go back to the hotel in time for dinner. All meals are self-served and to be honest, I don't think I made mine look as presentable to take a picture! 

The food wasn't as bad as we thought it would be (due to reading trip advisor reviews) 
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