Coffee @ Santa Susanna, Spain - Day 5

Breakfast is the same very morning, so there's no need to post it again, and coffee is still the same, so here we are again but - this time I got a iced coffee with ice cream - omg can I just say that their vanilla ice cream is the real shit ugh *drools*

James & I woke up super early because a few days ago, like the amazing planners we are, we had already organised to go on this boat trip, that goes along the coast of Costa Brava.

Our slot would have been 9:45 but unfortunately, the waves weren't on our side, it wasn't good for sailings basically - so that was out plans gone. Sigh. 

We ended up walking around the beach for a bit and to the information centre to see what else we could do.

I did want to go back to the hotel and sleep but that is not what we came for! 

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