Cocktails @ Santa Susanna, Spain - Day 4

We made it back in time! The only thing we didn't manage to do was get dinner there - it was very tight for time. Not to mention it took us an hour and 10 minutes to get back.

We found somewhere that was still open to eat and to drink. We both wanted pasta, so we ordered a ravioli to share, as well as getting two tequila sunrises.

So we were there - waiting and waiting, I getting bitten ALL OVER MY LEGS - from them so say their kitchen is closed, wtf after all that waiting? And we could only get pizza to take away..

Meh, so pizza is what we got. Took it back to the hotel room and ate it there. Haha as non-romantic as some of you may think, but to me, this was a better way of ending our anniversary - eating pizza together in bed! 

It really was an amazing day, like every other day were together! Thank you James! 

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