Brunch @ Mike's cafe, Portobello Road

Today is my uncles birthday, as well as a friend of ours - my uncle was just having a family gathering/drinking session at the house but our friend was going out for bowling ten back at his, we ended up going to our friends because he had already paid for us to go bowling. 

Again, James & I had a real lazy lie in, only started getting ready at 1. I was super hungry, so I told him about this cafe I wanted to take him to, which I've been there once before for my 20th birthday as a treat.

We was tight on time but ugh it was so worth it! Steak and eggs, can't resist that now, can you!? So filling and tasty and so worth the money! We are definitely going to back!

Prices & information below:

Steak & Eggs
Price: £10.95
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