Breakfast @ Santa Susanna, Spain - Day 4


Surprisingly, for it being our anniversary, we had our first lazy lie in, well to be fair, we did stay up late to exchange presents but yeah - we missed breakfast, so before headin out to Barcelona for the day, we got breakfast and coffee, which seemed to be one of our regular places to go to when not eating or drinking at the hotel. 

We ended up exchanging presents at like 5am, we was supposed to do so at 3am (that's the time we became official) but we fell asleep!

Gifts from me: (pre-taken: above)
- Frame with a large personalised train ticket (if you know, you know)
- Black personalised socks (he doesn't own any black socks) 
- personalised card holder (I have that before our anniversary)

I also added another frame with a picture is me inside it haha

And lastly, a scrapbook of our first year together, with pictures, receipts and little annotations of our year together! (Which I gave last and in the morning) as I took one last picture of us with my Poloroid camera, as the last picture.

Gifts from him:

I got a beautiful heart ring from Pandora! (He got my hints of wanting a ring ;) )

James actually has another present for me, but it didn't arrive on time for our holiday - I haven't seen it yet but I do know what it is. 

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