Anniversary @ Barcelona, Spain - Day 4

For our anniversary, we went to Barcelona - I had already been there before but James hasn't, so we agreed to do the whole bus tour! We found a combo deal, which included the train journey to Barcelona from Santa Susanna. It cost 27 each, which is the original price for the tour bus, so that just makes our travel there, free.   

The weather was ugh yas! It was 31 degrees, can't complain with that! So sitting on the open top deck was not a problem.

There are three different tour buses (blue, red and green) which yo can hop-on and hop-off when you want and to any of these three routes all day! James and I first got on to the red route, where we got of the train at.

Once looking at the map, we decided to go all the way around until we got to the main centre, to find somewhere to eat, but the tour itself was about an hour or two to go all the way around and someone was too hungry to wait so we stopped off at this shopping centre I knew of not too far from where we already was.

The viewsssss 😍

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