Truck? @ Pant-Ry-Orchain, Wrexham

Since James & I didn't do much or eat out on Bank Holiday Monday, here's a picture of us on the Sunday before  -  but I'll tell you what we did anyway, we just had a very lazy morning in and then headed out to town to buy a pair of holiday shoes - for our holiday of course! In two weeks! That's it really - we did get small donuts and chips but it wasn't picture worthy haha 

Next time you'll see us is in London! It'll be a very hectic few days before we head of to Spain for our anniversary :D so apologises in advance if my posting becomes a bit slower. 

Light bites @ Pant-Ry-Ochain, Wrexham

After a long morning of doing nothing, we decided to get up and visit Nelson at his work before heading out again to meet James' family to go to a family friends BBQ. 

We did have a drink and chips & onion rings - we did take inconsideration that we would probably we eating at this BBQ and it was already 5pm. Actually, we originally went for desert, but it didn't happen, as the chips and onion rings filled us up anyway.

Prices & information below:

Price: £3.50

Beer battered onion rings
Price: £2.95

Breakfast @ Chester

Sunday, we had breakfast at like midday tbh. Nothing fancy, just the simple croissant and jam mm

We also had lunch like 45 minutes after that. Mushroom quiche and other little extra bits.

We didn't have much planned that day - so it was pretty relaxed. 


Dinner @ Hickorys, Chester

This was another place James had been to before and I haven't - so we decided to get a load of shared stuff, as it seemed best - as I hadn't been eating properly that whole week and I had only just got back my appetite. 

Of course being the spice lover that I am, we got these spicy wings called suicide - I now understand why they are called that. Omg. If you know me, I can take spicy things and if I say it's spicy, it must be. I actually think I nearly cried, but I got used to it eventually, with less of the sauce of course. It was that hot!

Got typical nachos bcus I was craving them since we went cinema but I never got them bcus I was full from lunch.

Prices & information below:

The All American Xxxl Roadhouse Burger
Two​ hickory’s burger patties with smoked bacon, pulled pork, cajun onion rings, american cheese, fries & slaw.
Price: £13.95

Smokehouse Nachos
with Sour Cream, Guacamole & Melted Cheese served with Spicy tomato salsa
Price: £4.95

Slow Smoked WingsSuicide (You’Ve Been Warned!)Price: £7.95

Drinks @ Hickorys, Chester

After our day in Liverpool, we drove back to Chester and dropped Olivia at her friends house - so we thought we would get some dinner before picking her up again.

While waiting for a table, we got some cocktails. We didn't wait long. 

Prices & information below:

Mississippi Mule
Southern Comfort Cherry, fresh lime, pressed blueberries topped with lashings of ginger beer.
Price: £6.95

Banana Republic
Bacardi​ Gold, banana liqueur, white chocolate, mint & lime.
Price: £6.95

Lunch @ BarBurrito, Liverpool

To end our August road trip adventures around the UK, we headed off to Liverpool, once again because I've never been before. 

Although we didn't do much typical tourist stuff, we planned to go cinema, as it was in the plan for Olivia and I to watch Paper towns, James third wheeled us haha

We had lunch here at BarBurritto, watched cinema, then we played adventure golf like James & I did in Bristol. James & I tied and Olivia lost! I was so proud tbh. 

Prices & information below:

Prices varied due to the filling, size etc. 

Small - Classic Burrito
Price: £5.30

Red - Classic Burrito
Price: £6.30


Lunch @ Spud U Like, Bristol

Before lunch, we went to go visit the Suspension Bridge, oh the view is so pretty, before checking out at 2. 

Our train journeys back wasn't until 8pm, we decided to have lunch and go to the cinema - we watched Trainwreck, hilarious, and finished just on time to have one drink before heading to the train station. 

Prices & information below:

Egg Mayo with Cheddar cheese
Price: £4.79

Tuna & sweetcorn
Price: £4.79

Coleslaw side salad
Price: £1

Garlic bread
Price: £1

See you next time in Liverpool - Aug 29 2015


Dinner @ Krispy Kreme, Bath

Okay, okay I know this isn't exactly a proper dinner but it may as well have been. After visiting the Roman Baths, James and I walked around the area a bit more, found somewhere to charge my phone haha and picked up his order, bought a birthday present. 

These donuts were James' treat as I always ask for donuts and I don't always get them, so a 12 box was needed.

Since we got these, we knew we wouldn't have proper dinner, and we were still full from lunch anyway, so we got sandwiches and a falafel salad to bring back to the hotel. 

Prices & information below:

The Assorted Dozen
Price: £10.95

Lunch @ Nandos, Bath

This morning, James and I went to go have a full body massage, ugh it was so good. 

After, we got on a train, for less than 15mins to travel to Bath, I really wanted to see the Roman Bath, it was the main thing I wanted to see. We went and the line was so long, so we decided to eat first. 

We was actually discussing on our way what should we eat and it got brought up that we've never had Nandos together, well we had once but we was with youngers and tbh Nandos was never something I took pictures of but I had to for the blog ;) 

Prices & information below:

Full Chicken with 2 large sides or 4 regular sides

Price: £19.95


Dessert @ Zizzi, Bristol

Of course it had to be done, something sweet and light to top off our meal.

Prices & information below:

Raspberry Rosa Sundae

Raspberry sorbet & honey, sea salt & mascarpone gelato. Topped with pink stripy meringues, berry compote, whipped mascarpone cream, fresh raspberries & mint.
Price: £6.95

Dinner @ Zizzi, Bristol

After lunch, James and I went to Sainsburys to buy some snacks for the hotel room, walked back and chilled at the hotel room for a while. 

Then we went to play some adventure golf, which was actually so much fun. We did the 18 hole course, we may do the other on Sunday if we can. I won of course! Hahahaa I WON! He's so competitive, it's funny.

Then we walked around and found somewhere to have dinner. 

Prices & information below:


Lunch @ Pieminister, Bristol

James & I took our separate journey to meet at Bristol, his journey was just under 4 hours and mine, under 2 hours.

We checked in at our hotel and long story short, I get grumpy when I don't eat, walking 20 mins was not fun, so a taxi was called and food is what I got.

I am very spoilt tbh. I'm a brat. 

Prices & information below:



Dinner @ Pant-Yr-Ochain, Wrexham

We had an early light dinner at this pub restaurant where James' best friend works, we thought we would stop by before I had to head back to London, as he had just come back on holiday. We didn't have much time, as we had to leave by 6pm to get my train from another station, which was an hours drive away, due to reasons I do not remember why. This was the first time I had left James this early to go back home.

Prices & information below:


See you next time in Bristol - August 14 2015

Lunch & Drinks @ Grandma Baker's, Chester

Isn't Grandma Baker's garden so pretty? It was good weather too, can't go wrong with some lunch and PIMMs at 12:30 in the afternoon. Surprisingly, I forgot to take a picture of the food, I did on snapchat, but that's not a presentable picture to post. There was a big mixture and choice of foods, seafoods: prawns, squid, salmon, fish, crab, bread sticks, olives, different types of salami, garlic bread, etc. 

My tummy was defo spoilt for choice.  We even had desert, of course, lean on tart with strawberries and raspberries and a side of chocolate cream rolls. 

After James' parents left to go to the horse races, we stayed a little bit longer and I even got to see baby videos and pictures of James.

Oh oh and I made it guys, there was a picture of James, his grandma and I on her shelf - she called me family :')


Dinner @ Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester

When our table was ready, we still wasn't super hungry, but since it was late dinner time and we still had an hours drive back, we though it was worth getting something. I suggested to get the jumbo patter starter, it was a starter but I swear it might as well have been a whole meal - this could be shared between 2-3 people, by Olivia wanted a salad, which I stole the crunchy parts of. 

Prices & information below:

Jumbo Combo

A collection of our most popular appetizers: Signature Wings, Onion Rings, Tupelo Chicken Tenders, Spinach Artichoke Dip with Parmesan flatbread and bruschetta. Served with honey mustard, hickory barbecue and blue cheese dressing.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce tossed in our homemade Caesar dressing, topped with grilled chicken breast, croutons and shaved Parmesan cheese.

Drinks @ Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester

After the lock-in escape room, we walked around the main roads again, tried to find a good scenic area to take a picture with, actually, I wanted to take one of those "follow me to" pictures, but we failed. Next time we shall succeed.

We wasn't super hungry at this point but James wanted to go in the Hard Rock Cafe, we thought even if we don't eat a full meal, we could just get something small. The table wait was about 40 minutes, so we though that would build our hunger.

Olivia bought a Hard Rock Cafe jumper and had a few drinks as we waited for our table - Olivia having a non-alcoholic one of course but was the prettiest.

Prices & information below:

Sex on the beach
SMIRNOFF Vodka, peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juice
Price: £5.95

Ultimate long island iced tea
Stolichnaya Vodka, Beefeater Gin, BACARDI Superior Rum, Cointreau and
triple sec with sweet & sour and a splash of Pepsi
Price: £7.45

Wildberry smoothie
A frozen delight of fresh bananas, piƱa colada mix,
orange juice and Monin Raspberry
Price: £4.25


Late Lunch @ Bella Italia, Manchester

After the bus tour, we already knew where abouts we wanted to go, so we headed walking and it started raining so bad, we found a bus stop and decided to wait for the free service bus to go back into the main town, as we had time to kill before heading off to this escape room game we planned.

Of course being the fatty that I am, I said I'm hungry and was feeling for pasta - and pasta is what we ate.

Prices & information below:


Spaghetti with crispy smoked pancetta, egg and pecorino cheese with a splash of cream


Wholewheat rigatoni, roasted aubergines and garlic in a cherry tomato sauce,with fresh basil and baby mozzarella

Chunky Chips

Brunch @ Caffe Nero, Manchester

Today we took a roadtrip to Manchester with James' sister, Olivia. Manchester is less than an hours away from Chester, so it wasn't that bad. I managed to record most of the journey there, but it was also a fail because my GoPro died 14minutes of the journey, so I ended up using my iPad to record the rest of the 40 minutes. 

Short video come soon.

Before our two hour bus tour, we had something to eat and drink, as we only had toast of breakfast.

Prices & information below:

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