Dessert @ Creams, Uxbridge

OMG! I still can't believe we came straight here after eating Five Guys, when I say we was full, we was SO FULL! But since there wasn't a Creams closer to central London, it was a must to go there, since we was already up there.

Regardless of the fact that James and I was dying inside, we still managed to order one each. I think I finished mine, I was determined to! I do love me some white chocolate! 

Price & information below:

Belgian Milk Chocolate Crêpe

Freshly made hot crêpe, drizzled with milk chocolate syrup and sprinkled with milk chocolate flakes
Price: £4.50

White Choc Indulgence
Fresh waffle, served with fresh banana and strawberry slices, drizzled with a luxurious white choc syrup and white choc flakes.
Price: £5.50

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